B’Visioun provides self development training. We are a consulting company that offers training in both personal and workforce development. Providing training in individual management skills, teaching how to cope with challenges, both in life and work. We provide services and products that enhances physical appearance and emotional and mental up-liftment because we want to help bring out “the best you”.

B’Visioun is headed by an experienced and seasoned professional that brings extensive teaching and problem solving expertise. Well trained in dealing with individuals from high risk environments. She received her Bachelor's degree in Political Science and her Teaching Certification in Secondary Education. She also has a certification in Urban Youth Ministries. Realizing her passion for touching and helping the underserved with practical life skills she received her Customer Service and Beauty Certification to help strengthen services offered by B'Visioun.

Program/Activity/Workshop management

Personal and Workforce Training

Development of Projects and Detailed Activities

Coaching that Covers Various Learning Levels

Analysis and Evaluation of Implemented Activities

We design and implement instructions on how to create an attitude and environment for positive change. Our successful past experience with the self development curriculum demonstrates our ability to provide our clients with solutions that create lasting changes. B'Visioun’s message is empowerment. We use methods similar to the therapeutic techniques found in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We concentrate on teaching sound self-counseling skills.

With ever growing challenges, it has become increasingly important to stay on top of relevant issues facing the public. Our proven methodology and technical expertise help to change individual lives. We have assisted students to change from self destructive behaviors to reformed graduates. Our methodology assists participants with hard defensive shells to let go and experience an environment for growth and change.

Our presentations are tailored to capture the interest of all participants. Group participation is required in most training sessions along with coinciding handout materials. Direct dialogue prefaces each session to deliver important information and instructions when using the additional materials. Schedule a consultation and learn how B’Visioun could be an instrument of positive change.

Services and Seminars

Based on necessary principles in creating proper foundation for success    
There are some things that are irreconcilable and important skills to have:
  • Etiquette: Principles in personal dignity
  • Charity: Living beyond yourself
  • Sportsmanship: Winning and losing gracefully
  • Networking and communication skills: Understanding the power of your words
  • Looking the part: Compilation of Skills-  Image, Style, Skin Care and/or Makeup


B'Visiouns's presentations detailing clothing rules for success and complimenting it all with a team building enhancement feature.  The time is full of life changing information that will transform the productivity within your community.  
  • Business Etiquette: fundamental skills of professional behavior and customer service.  
  • Your Map to Success: the career-how-to in moving up.

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